2010-2011 Special Education Paraprofessional Training Series - The Paraprofessional's Role in Affecting Student Behavior

To complete each session watch the video presentation and complete the review questions. The review questions will be made available once you have watched the full video presentation. The review questions are in multiple-choice format and you will receive immediate feedback.

Strategies for Diffusing Potential Behavior Problems

Paraprofessionals frequently need to handle difficult student behaviors. This session will focus on strategies for dealing with a range of behaviors, recognizing when behaviors may occur, as well as how to prevent challenging behaviors from occurring. Paraprofessionals will be given a variety of effective strategies to use when challenging behaviors do occur.


Supporting Young Children With Challenging Behavior

This session will help participants explore practical evidence-based frameworks of strategies, practices, and resources addressing challenging behaviors in young children. Presented in this session are the Pyramid Approach, Evidence-based Strategies and Positive Social-Emotional Outcomes.